Healthy Food, Healthy Hearts, Healthy People

Growing Hope is a non-profit organization, based in Mossel Bay, South Africa, that is seeking the up-liftment and development of the community by providing training, vegetable seedlings and support so that individuals can grow and maintain their own vegetable garden.

It is our aim that as individuals grow and maintain their gardens, they gain not just food but also a sense of achievement and dignity that comes from producing something good with their own hands and being able to provide food for themselves and their families.

We are working primarily with people who are unemployed, people living in poverty and people who are living with HIV/AIDs. Our gardens transcend age, race, and cultures.

Since our start in 2011 we have seen many people greatly encouraged and given a sense of purpose by caring for their gardens. As of August 2014 we have over 100 gardeners and are partnering with other non-profit organizations such as the Juvenile Corrections Centre and other organizations that are seeking to alleviate poverty.